Mv Mwongozo

Mwongozo was built by a Finish company for the Tanzania Railways Corporation. Her original route was a weekly return route from Bujumbura,Burundi to Mpulungu ,Zambia calling at Kigoma Tanzania and various small settlements along the Tanzanian coast of the lake.

In 1997 the UNHCR used Mwongozo and Liemba to transport more than 75,000 refugees, who had fled Zaire during the First Congo war, back to their homeland ..

MV Mwongozo is a mixed passenger and cargo ferry on lake Tanganyika operated by the Marine Services Company Limited. She can carry up to 800 passengers and 80 tons of cargo.Her accommodation includes open sleeping areas, individual cabins and a passenger dining saloon. She can take cars and small trucks on her forward deck.Mwongozo normally plies a daily route between Kigoma and Bujumbura . The journey takes about 14 hours. MSC's other Lake Tanganyika ferry,But Currently grounded at Kigoma port in Lake Tanganyika .