Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL) is a duly incorporated Tanzanian company based in Mwanza. Prior to registration as a fully-fledged company in 1997, MSCL was an integral part of Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC). The company has more than 50 years of experience in maritime transport across Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa. MSCL services across the three lakes serves as a linchpin for the communities along the lakes and provides intermodal connectivity for the Northern and Central Corridors as well as East and Central African countries bordering the lakes.

MSCL has the fleet of 15 vessels for both Passengers and Cargo transportation. Nine (9) of these vessels are deployed in Lake Victoria, 3 in Lake Tanganyika and 2 in Lake Nyasa. The fleet is made up of 8 Passenger-Cargo vessels, 2 Oil Tankers, 1 Wagon Ferry, 1 Tug, 2 self-propelled barges and one tourist boat.